Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yesterday morning I was surprised to see there was a copy of the Winter Warnerland compilation CD on my chair. This is the holiday disc that contains the elusive Cold Chillin' Christmas posse cut featuring Big Daddy Kane, Roxanne Shante, M.C. Shan and Fly Ty. I think I read somewhere that this is the only posse cut that features M.C. Shan and Big Daddy Kane together.

Cold Chillin Christmas-

Here's a paragraph from the CD liner notes:

"The rappers from Cold Chillin' got together at Marley's house to lay down this dope number featuring Big Daddy Kane, whose debut album Long Live the Kane has been Top Ten for months; M.C. Shan, who's back with I Pioneered This from his Born To Be Wild LP; and Roxanne Shante, 'Loosey' of Rick James' Loosey's Rap track. Cold Chillin' Christmas also includes the rappin' debut of Fly Ty (a.k.a. Tyrone Williams, chairman of Cold Chillin' Records."

On some real nerd stuff, I'm thinking Fly Ty's rapping debut was on Pumpkin's Here Comes that Beat! as part of the Profile All-Stars.

More importantly, Winter Warnerland contains various Pee-Wee Herman interludes:

Pee-Wee Herman- Christmas Medley-

Pee-Wee Herman- Don't Drink and Drive, Duh!-

Pee-Wee Herman- Pee-Wee Willbury ID-

It took me all day to finally find out that it was Papa D who left the CD on my chair. I should have known... he is the king of holiday hip hop. A week back he got me listening to his Profile Christmas Rap compilation cassette, something he breaks out every year in December and plays in his car all month. In the words of Main Flow on Street Pay, "What up, Papa Diesel?!"

I figured a lot of blogs will throw up the Cold Chillin' Christmas track if they haven't already, as a lot of people have been discovering it lately. So here's a little bonus audio of DJ Red Alert and Mr. Magic together on Hot 97 during a Christmas 1993 broadcast. Here, the two former radio rivals are giving each other much props:

Red: Y'all better tape this... this goes down in history!

Magic: Absolutely!

Red: Mr. Magic and Red Alert, together.
Magic: On the same radio station!

Red: At the same time!

Hot 97- Christmas 1993- Mr. Magic and Red Alert-

Red Alert also explains to Magic how they first met, which is a little fuzzy at first for Sir Juice. Awkarrrrd..? You be the judge!

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