Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ho, Ho

What Christmas would be complete without a little Rudy Ray Moore (aka Dolemite)? My main man Nostalgic, the producer behind Alternate Earth and the title cut from my album Evil in the Mirror, has whipped up a dope beat using Jive Jungle from the Dolemite soundtrack.

Nostalgic- "Dolo Might"-

Like a knucklehead, I felt compelled to throw dialogue from the movie over the beat.

Here's where Jive Jungle appears in the film:

Good news- I learned how to make a youtube video play from a specific starting point, so less work for you. What I really mean is I finally fought the laziness and typed "embed youtube video starting from time" in my google sidebar. One minute later, I was a whiz kid.

Here's the track Merry Christmas Baby, from the album This Ain't No White Christmas, pictured at the top of this post:

Rudy Ray Moore- "Merry Christmas Baby"-

So there you have it, the two "Ho"s missing from my previous post. Happy Holidays!

Special thanks to Nostalgic!

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