Tuesday, September 8, 2009

URB Review- "Evil In The Mirror"

URB Magazine has reviewed "Evil in the Mirror." Check it out here or below!

Will C. :: Evil in the Mirror

Brick Records

Reviewed on Monday, August 24, 2009 by Landon A.

Bean Town native, Will C may not look like your typical rapper; in fact he looks like a cross between Asher Roth and a bearded Colin Munroe. But, his debut Evil in the Mirrorproves beyond a reasonable doubt that lyrical ferocity and production genius are non-discriminate.

Evil in the Mirror is a sonic cluster fuck of heavy drum breaks and sharp lyrics punctuated by tributes to 80’s hip-hop and classic film snippets. Will C’s lyrical fury is rooted in his respect for hip-hop the art form, so he strips down to the bare essentials and rains fire and brimstone on swagger boasting MC’s and inferior rappers alike. Between his voice and his lyrical prowess, Will C. can be closely compared to a one man version of the Beastie Boys. “Alternate Earth” and “Trainspotting” are reminiscent of a b-boy’s dream, successfully re-creating and putting a new twist on the sounds that caused breakers to break at the dawn of hip-hop time.
Evil in the Mirror is a strong debut from this young MC. Each song is charged with the spirit of the old and packaged with the freshness of the new. Watch out for Will C, this dude is serious.

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