Monday, September 21, 2009

I Want to Rock and Roll All Night (and Part of Every Day)

Here's some audio that shows why Doug E. Fresh's World's Greatest Entertainer moniker is fitting. I was recently speaking with Mr. Magic and we were discussing certain shows and interviews he did. Since it's all fresh on my mind, I figured I'd post some stuff here.

Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew- The Show (Live)-

You gotta love when Doug is doing call-and-response with the females in the audience and takes it as far as asking,

"Now, what's your number?"

Also, who doesn't thoroughly enjoy explosions at the end of rap songs? I think it's a welcome addition to the end of "The Show" on this live performance. I don't know if it was added during the WBLS broadcast or what.

Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew- La Di Da Di (Live)-

You want to listen, you don't want to read my thoughts on it. Just like you don't want to hear a "Will C." ID over any of this audio. What a jerk I am. I gotta refrain from ranting too much on stuff like this anyway. I know that when I'm checking blogs and there's a massive amount of writing uninterrupted by a picture or some other form of entertainment, I sometimes get my skim on. Maybe I'm just lazy. Okay, enough already.

Here's an interview with Doug E. Fresh also aired that night, I believe in the latter half of 1985.

Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew- (Interview)-

Doug E. Fresh always seems to give great interviews, and I feel like this one in particular is historically significant. Still a teenager, he's riding a high off the success of his "The Show" b/w "La Di Da Di" single. Doug addresses his thoughts on Rush Management, Dennis Bell (producer of "The Show"), dis records aimed at him, and more.

Finally, due to the Role Models reference in the title of this blog, I also feel the need to post this. I'm sure my buddy Nick Sinista will approve:

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