Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tom Scott with the California Dreamers - "The Honeysuckle Breeze" Remastered

I recently had the opportunity to remaster Tom Scott's debut album, The Honeysuckle Breeze on Impulse! (the exclamation point is part of the Impulse label's logo, but fuck it, I think it was a great enough opportunity to warrant an exclamation point in this sentence).

Convoluted opening statements aside, I'm a fan of this record. It's fun telling my mother I remastered a project by an artist she is very much familiar with. If you're a hip hop guy / gal and aren't familiar with this sax-heavy LP, I'll give you a hint as to why it's a very important one:

I reminisce, I reminisce, I reminisce, I reminisce…

If my hint sucks, you'll hear what I'm talking about at the tail end of the video, when the Get On Down logo flashes. If that still garners a blank stare, the oracle known as the internet will give you the answer. I wonder if Tom Scott had any idea of the staying power his rendition of Today would have all those years ago when he posed aside this "radioactive area" sign. Something tells me he did... just look at the outfits.

Judging by the way I've seen a variety of people react to hearing this record, I think it's a release you'll either really dig or not want anything to do with. For those intrigued, here's two of my favorites-

Enjoy your Wednesday, my friends.

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