Sunday, October 31, 2010

7L - Music To Be Murdered By

Happy Halloween!

Recently, 7L dropped a new Halloween mix, Music to be Murdered By. He handed it to me last night, but things were getting a little out of control so I wasn't able to properly express my gratitude. 7L's knowledge of music is so vast that he can make a specialized mix like this and have it be better than any other DJs' on the planet. Download it over at Fully Fitted and check out my favorites below.


"The following is a mix of horror soundtracks, library records & some straight up suspenseful music. One of my main hobbies is collecting foreign movie soundtracks. With Halloween coming up, I figured now would be a great time to get some use out of them. Enjoy!"

Sample A -
Sample B -

"You took off your gloves to touch her, didn't you? Didn't you, you son of a bitch? You touched her with your bare hands!"


Sample C -

Sample D -

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