Thursday, July 8, 2010

Whodidit? Whodunnit? Whodini!

Whodini's debut album is about to drop on CD. I've had a listen to the master... they aren't lying when they say it's in flawless hi-fi stereo. I've never heard the album this clear. Here's the extended info on the upcoming re-release...

"I had no plans whatsoever to get into Rap. It happened accidentally, but it must have been meant to happen 'cause we did it so well." - Jalil of Whodini

In the pantheon of rap royalty that includes the likes of Run-DMC, The Beastie Boys and Public Enemy, Whodini is often mistakingly overlooked. Embodying the essence of a Hip Hop group, the trio simultaneously managed to appeal to a wide variety of music listeners and act as the poster children representing a new sound and attitude in urban music.

Now, their debut album is finally remastered and expanded for the digital age. Packaged in a mini paste-on style jacket replicating its original vinyl release, Whodini's self-titled debut includes the hits "The Haunted House of Rock," "Yours For A Night," "Rap Machine" and the Thomas Dolby (of "She Blinded Me With Science"fame) produced "Magic's Wand," all of which are dance floor classics, propelled by their synthesizer and drum machine heavy beats.

Whodini's origins trace all the way back to the beginning of the 1980s, centering around the Mr. Magic Rap Attack radio show. DJ Grandmaster Dee recalls, "Mr. Magic was rocking the radio every Thursday from 2 to 4 a.m. on WHBI. I was tuning in every Thursday and I would always give him a call. And I happened to meet Jalil, ’cause Jalil was answering phones back then, taking calls when I’d call in. Him and Ecs were working with Mr. Magic. One day he said come on down to the station cause they were promoting this tour with Sugar Hill at the Armory in Harlem. That’s when I met Jalil and them. I told them I was a DJ, they came to my house to see how my skills was and we hooked up from there."

Rapper Jalil also recalls how their association with the Rap Attack helped spawn the group and get their first album out. "Jive Records heard about Mr. Magic. He was the first DJ in the US playing Hip Hop on the radio. They wanted to get a jump in the market, so they contacted Magic about making a record. But he couldn’t. At that time, he was making a step up to WBLS and the FCC wouldn’t let him record and be on the radio. So they gave it to me. When we had put down the lyrics for 'Magic’s Wand' and it was agreed that this captured the whole atmosphere behind Mr. Magic, then we signed a one single deal just to do that record about him."

The success of "Magic's Wand" led to an album deal with Jive Records, and in 1983, Whodini's first LP hit the stores. They remained in good hands, as Mr. Magic would convince Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons to manage the three-man crew. From there, success would continue. Whodini would go on to release a slew of hits throughout the rest of the decade, while playing alongside monster shows (including the original Fresh Fest concert series'), sharing the bill with acts like the Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow, and a circle of others who would also go on to become legends.

Who broke down barriers in the Rap world and helped usher the genre into a new level of success? Who had a chemistry and bond unparalleled by any rap group before or since? Whodidit? Whodunnit? Whodini!

Now, experience a groundbreaking album in flawless high-fi stereo sound like you've never heard it before.

The only question left now is, who doesn't want the Rap Machine A Capella?

Whodini- Rap Machine (A Capella) Snippet-

** Super Super Blast Blast Powwwww **

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