Monday, May 3, 2010

Adventures of the Butthead Assassin - 05.01.1997 Stretch and Bobbito

This Stretch and Bobbito tape is filled with some incredible moments. It starts with Stretch asking listeners to send him an email (remember, this is when AOL was the newest / latest), and from there KRUNCHTIME is off and running. As Stretch explained on his Konstant Kontact blog, "Krunchtime was what we came to call the 4-5 a.m. slot, when we were too tired to dj, focus, or be anything but delirious, and usually opened the phone lines to anyone." Listen for the lengthy conversation with a 22-year-old female caught in the WKCR crossfire. This is a great tape, but nothing tops the one Stretch posted HERE. Enjoy both of them!

05.01.1997 Stretch and Bobbito KRUNCHTIME! -

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