Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rapping With The Stars

It's been a hectic weekend. This is definitely still sinking in.

I finally had the proper surroundings to check out the Mister Cee and DJ Premier Magic tributes today, and they were both wonderful. Yo for real though, I almost crashed my car when I heard Premo give me a shout out at the beginning. Then when he played some of my mixes from Down The Dial, I was completely blown away. I think in my last post it was clear just how much respect I have for Premier, a respect I'm sure we all have, so to hear him send a shout out to me is a BIG DEAL. I felt a rush when Down The Dial came on the radio, the same rush Magic gave countless acts in the past by doing the same thing.

One more time: thank you Premier, thank you Magic.

Now, check this out-

These are two of my favorite hip hop personalities right here chopping it up. We have a young LL Cool J in 1985, fresh off of making a cameo appearance in Krush Groove. Full of charisma, LL discusses the world of movie making, how he got started as a rapper, and his new album Radio, among other things.

LL Cool J- Rapping With The Stars- Rap Attack 1985 (1 of 2)-

The two laugh when Cool J slips up with the language a couple times (once above, once below). Note Magic saying, "Good thing this is a black owned radio station."

Below is the second half of the interview, which includes a live rhyme by LL... but the best quote of the interview comes when the young emcee states,

"Most of the time, I sit in my house at like 3 or 4 in the morning... that's when I write all my rhymes, 'cause I feel like God ain't got that many people to pay attention at 3 in the morning so he pays more attention to me, and I can write better rhymes."

One of the hungriest and charismatic rappers of all time doing his thing here, kicking it with Sir Juice. Enjoy.

LL Cool J- Rapping With The Stars- Rap Attack 1985 (2 of 2)-

Aside from LL's well known "Box!" performance in Krush Groove, Magic also made a cameo in the movie during a Disco Fever scene, announcing the winner of the talent show. Check it out below...

Anybody got the tribute Marley did? How about Scratch?


  1. Primo's shout-out to 'Will C, part of the whole JUICE CREW' was enough to make me drop and therefore bruise an avocado, but not crash a car... [Thankfully you were concentrating on the road]

    The 'Down The Dial' segments were choice too, they just suited Primos mix perfectly.... and he kept droppin little nuggets off it...

    Big respect is automatic

    These clips with Cool J are also pure gold

    Thanks again fella

    Be well


  2. Wild stuff, right? Yo thanks for checking it out, CL!